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Hydrotech Spas

Hydrotech supplies and constructs a wide range of Spas, from the ready assembled above ground units to the in-ground concrete custom designed units, for both commercial and residential purpose.

Above ground and in ground units for commercial and residential use.

Hydrotech supply ready assemble Spas units Above ground or in ground for commercial and residential units. High quality, hand made products and designs that will satisfy the highest standards. The spas are equipped with a wide array of therapeutic hydro-massage jets.

There are individual controls that allow you to choose the most comfortable mixture of water and air, while directing the jets yourself. This versatility allows you to create the perfect personal massage.

Hydrotech Spas
Hydrotech Spas
Hydrotech Spas

The Hydrotech Spas meet world class standards in terms of energy efficiency. A high performance filter system that regulates the water and keeps it clean. The internal LED chromotherapy lighting gives the spas a special soothing atmosphere in the evening and the optional high fidelity sound system provides music in your spa, with which you can listen to the radio, play CDs or MP3 tracks.

Hydrotech Spas are ideal for outdoor and indoor use.

Concrete Spas

For commercial and residential use

Concrete spas are designed to meet the clients’ requirements taking into the consideration the number of bather loads, location and application. The construction of the spas is carried out by either dry gunite application or by wet shotcrete application. The residential spas are usually constructed as skimmer type while the commercial spas are usually constructed as overflow type units.

The filtration system for a spa requires a turnover of no more than half an hour, while a swimming pool standard filtration turn over should not exceed four hours. Therefore, it is important not to combine the filtration system of a swimming pool with a spa.

Hydrotech Concrete Spas