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LED Lighting

LED lighting


LED lamps PAR56

40W 12V AC suitable for swimming Pools, fountains, decorative or display lighting. The LED bulbs comes in single or multicolour (RGB) providing a range of colours and effects which can create a special ambience to the pool depending on the users mood or special occasions.The LED Par56 lamps are eco friendly and are big power savers when compared to traditional halogen lamps. Par56 LED Lamps can be installed in existing light fixtures without the need to replace them. The Par56 LED lamps can be controlled different methods like inside auto / power ON / OFF change / RGB controller / RF remote / DMX512.


LED Flat Pool Light

Extremely power efficient ultra bright LED lamps to replace 300W Par 56 lamp with 35W to 50W new flat design lamp. Combining the vibrance & brilliance of LED with the soothing effect of color. Control the mood with a single flip of a remote, create a soothing or party atmosphere, a fun filled family affair or a rocking disco effect. Designed to fit in most of the existing light fixtures, the lamp comes with a 2 year warranty.



Long life span. The life span of Par 56 LED lamp is between 30,000 to 50,000 hours when compared to the traditional halogen lamps of only 1,000-2,000 hours.

LED Lights are energy efficient; consuming less power while providing the same illumination as the traditional halogen lights. The LED lamp consumes only 40 watt of power when compared to the Halogen 300 watt Par 56 lamp. A saving of 7.5 times the electrical consumption and costs.

Set the colour to suit your mood. With the hand held remote control operation, you can change the colour of the pool to suit the occasion.

par56 LampLED Flat Light

LED light Remote Control