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Omega Timing System

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Swiss Timing are the manufactures of Omega Timing Systems and Hydrotech Engineering are the sole distributors of Swiss Timing (Omega timing systems) in the U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Lebanon, Bahrain and Iraq.

Since the beginning of automatic timing, SWISS TIMING (with it’s sister company OMEGA) have always been “the” pioneer in proposing innovative solutions for competitive swimming, working closely with FINA and the world’s TV broadcasters.

A Swimming race is defined by a number of lengths from one to 60, performed in a 25m or 50m pool.

To measure the time, a start system and finish detection system is required. The start, operated by an official (the starter), includes voice transmission to signal instructions to the swimmers, and a start device to generate audible and visual signals.

Omega Timing system Starting Blocks


Omega Timing system

The start system distributes the signals to multiple loudspeakers within 1/1000th of a second, counteracting any disadvantage due to the speed of sound across the pool.

A touch panel is mounted on the wall in each swimmers lane. Our patented design registers a touch anywhere on the pad surface, whilst eliminating ghost touches from water movement. Every touch is sent to a central timer, stored and if verified as an official intermediate or finish time, shown on appropriate displays.


Scope of Services

  • Timing
  • Public & specific scoreboards
  • Venue results
  • Commentator information
  • TV graphics
  • Video backup
Swiss Timing for Equestarian


Specialising in timing, scoring, data handling and broadcast solutions to major sports events throughout the world, SWISS TIMING technical services are structured to support international sports events, often with the involvement of The Swatch Group watch brands.


Omega Timing System
Omega Timing System


At very high level sports events, the timing has to satisfy the requirements of the international sports federations ensuring competitions are perfectly organized whilst satisfying the requirement for precision and reliability.

These services are integral in the scheduling of not only the sport, but to the growing requirements of international broadcasters and journalists.

SWISS TIMING has an organization which enables it to rise to every challenge from sport, making it unrivalled in its reputation as a privileged partner for sport.

Omega Timing System
Omega Timing System